Pourquoi Moi?

I am drifting on an ocean,
The ocean doesn’t care,
The sky above doesn’t give a damn
Neither knows I’m there.

I’m floating towards a horizon
But I never seem to get near
To crossing that horizon,
So what is there for me to fear?

As I sail upon the winds of fate
To what, where and how far,
Will there be an answer waiting
As to why, and who we are?

Tom Higgins 15/10/2014


Thoughts of Nought

Thoughts of Nought.

In fifty million years or so
The very countries we now know
On the five continents now widespread
Will not exist, but I’ll be dead.
Long before any of this comes to pass
I will have taken my old tired ass
And departed from this life unplanned
Gone off to no man’s land
Where I can do what I like best
Sleep and sleep and rest and rest.

So after I have gone on my way
How can anyone possibly say
That things will simply carry on
As they were before I was gone
Because if I am not here as me
How can things ever possibly be
Just the same as when I was?
It can’t be so just because
No one will sit and write my thoughts
‘Cos all there’ll be will be loads of noughts.

Tom Higgins 19/10/2014

The Bird Man of Morecambe.

They put a gentle old man away
He didn’t obey their rules
He fed the wild birds everyday
And was punished by these fools.

He did nothing to harm anyone
No violence or no theft
But still he is to prison gone
The poor old fellah’s bereft.

He simply doesn’t understand
The way things are today,
That the bully boys with whip in hand
Will always have their way.

Although there is no sense to it
It’s stupid beyond belief
They lacked intelligence and wit,
And jailed him like a thief.

Now let’s get this into perspective please
And if he’s been put away,
Then everyone caught feeding birds
Should be arrested and made to pay.

For the heinous crime of daring to feed
The wild birds of this land
With bread or any type of seed,
Feeding wild birds should be banned,

But if you steal many billions
In these increasingly septic Isles
Causing losses to millions
You will never cease to smile,

You’ll never go to prison at all,
You’ll never face a charge
You’ll rarely have to face a fall
And you’ll remain at large.

Tom Higgins 02/06/2014

The Sin of Gin

She drank a full litre bottle of gin,
Then she decided to do him in.
She crept up to the bedroom door
It was very dark but she could hear him snore.

In her hand she gripped the knife
With which she would end his life.
It had a long serrated blade,
She reckoned that it was custom made

To do the job she had in mind
Efficiently without any kind
Of problem that she could foresee,
But she was drunk and needed to pee.

She turned around to go to the loo
Which when one is drunk one needs to do,
And as she faced the other way
She heard his voice behind her say

“What are you doin’ darlin’ o’ mine?
Have you been partakin’ of the vine?
Have you had too much to drink agin ?
I hope you ain’t been drinkin’ gin.”

She shouted out “Oh no ma jear,
Ah’v nerrer dwunk as much as one lickle beer
Nos one drop ‘as passed mah lips
I never even had no sips.”

He answered her loud and clear
“Then why have you my darlin’ dear,
In your hand that carving knife,
Were you about to take my life?”

“Oh darlin’o’ mahn how could you
Even think dat ah could do
Such a nasty evil thing as zat,
Dis knife is to chop a great big rat,

Which I jus saw runnin’ out o’dis room,
And it looked sooo big through the gloom
So I just picked up the first knife I saw
When I opened the cutly dwaw.”

To this her husband then replied
“So tonight a big rat nearly died?”
“Oh s’pose ya could sorta say that,
So tomowow we gotta git a cat.

Go back t’ sleep darling husband pweese
An’ ah’ll jus go to da loo an’ ease
My little bladder cos’ it’s killin’me
I had too many cusps o’ tea.”

“Alright darlin’ I need to sleep
When you come to bed remember and keep,
That knife on the table beside the bed
So if that big rat comes back he’s gonna be dead!”

Tom Higgins 07/03/2014

An Interesting Interest for the Interested.

An Interesting Interest for the Interested.

I have always had an interest in
Interests I find interesting.
Interesting interests of the kind
That stimulate the interest of my mind.
And when  an interest, of interest interests me,
I stay interested in it permanently
So an interesting time I have had,
Because having so many interests drives me mad.
I’ve never had an interest in just one thing,
That’s never been sufficiently interesting.
For I find interesting interests everywhere
That my interested eyes care to stare,
Or my interested ears care to listen
I find the interesting gems that sing and glisten.

Tom Higgins 08/03/2014

For The Glory Of?

Those out there who wish to die,
To meet your imaginary friend in the sky,
Please think about the deed you plan,
To kill and maim your fellow man,
And ask why it is that it falls to you,
To see this ‘holy’ mission through?
When those who trained you, and conceived the story,
Of heavenly virgins, and martyrdom’s glory,
Will all remain here both feet on Earth’s ground,
Why is it that they never got around,
To strapping on the explosive belt,
How come that they have never felt,
Such powerful urges to be the one,
To go to the market with the bomb strapped on?
Is it perhaps that these older men know,
That there’s nowhere after the explosives blow?
And the reason that they’ve brainwashed you,
Is that you’ll do the deed that they’d never do!
It is a fact through man’s history,
There is absolutely no mystery,
That when it comes to starting wars,
Those scheming ones who are the cause,
Who love the sound of the sabre’s rattle,
They never appear on the field of battle.

Tom Higgins

Blind Faith

Blind Faith

‘You must believe my son,
you must let faith within you dwell,
because if you don’t
you will doom your soul to everlasting Hell.’
Such were the words drummed into me
when I was eight or nine,
now here I am at fifty eight,
still waiting for a sign,
some proof, a flash, a voice from god,
or something else divine.

Instead I have witnessed many other things,
solely from Earthly sources,
that tell me no compassionate god
could exude such malevolent forces,
surely a god that is good could never sit,
and watch so many die,
without sending angelic intervention,
a UN force from the sky!

Yet this has never happened
in the history of mankind,
through many thousands of years,
and many billions of tears,
the gods have always been deaf and blind!

Tom Higgins